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Founded in 2012 by Robert Yates, a local musician and Luther here on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar is fast becoming the Ukulele Shop of choice for many local Ukulele enthusiasts.  Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar is able to offer fine handcrafted instruments using only the finest solid tone woods and building them to exacting specifications and standards.

The Guiding Vision behind Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar was to create a ukulele and guitar shop for everyone from the most seasoned musician to the youngest beginner. One that offers fine handcrafted Hawaiian Style Ukulele and Guitars made from the finest woods available at a price that is still affordable to the average enthusiast, as well as more moderately priced Ukulele of high quality and playability making the joy of music accessible to people of all ages.

Hawaiian Ukulele and Guitar is also pleased to be the Big Islands Authorized Kamoa Ukulele Dealer. Also a relatively young company in the Ukulele World, Kamoa Ukulele is fast becoming a major name in the Ukulele world. By setting the quality bar so high for themselves, Kamoa Ukuleles are setting the new standards by which all other Ukuleles are judged. The relative moderate price of the Kamoa Ukulele make them the perfect match with Hawaiian Ukulele’s fine handcrafted instruments assuring you of finding the Ukulele that is perfect for you.